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Thursday, April 13, 2006
Happy Easter
Well Easter is here and I'm off for a few days, not going anywhere, just kicking back. I've found some beautiful Scottish kippers to have on Good Friday - yum! We've got the egg dyes to colour our eggs along with some transfers that daughter M chose. Our roasting shoulder of lamb has been ordered; this is my favourite cut, it's full of gelatine that keeps it juicy and moist, very much like the juicy nugget of meat at the bone end of a leg of lamb, which at our house only goes to those in the know, as it never makes it to the table, just like chicken oysters.

After the raging success of the flourless chocolate birthday cake, we've decided to make another one for Sunday lunch, which leads me to a request. When I was purchasing the chocolate, there on a shelf were bags of light and dark Muscovado sugar from Mauritius. Never having seen it before, but hearing a lot about it, I purchased a bag of the dark. Apparently it is sugar before the molasses is taken out. After a taste I swooned, it was sweet and full of the most amazing flavours, a fresh molasses character full of different notes. It was all clumped up into little balls and I can't wait to cook with it.

In my blog travels, I recall that one of you wrote about Muscovado sugar and also gave a recipe. If anyone knows who it was, could you let me know?

Now if anyone out there is thinking of making a cup of tea or coffee and is thinking to boil some distilled water in the microwave to do it, don't. The boys did it on Mythbusters last night, maybe they had been watching Steven Segal movies or something. Anyway, they boiled a cup of tap water first, no problem. Apparently impurities in the water cause it to boil normally, but when they went to distilled water, it didn't boil, only becoming superheated i.e. hotter than 100 c (212 F) and as soon as they dropped some sugar into it, the water exploded.

I know another fact, you can't kill an ant in a microwave.

Here's an Easter joke for you. Stolen from Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans. Who stole it from someone else.

Jesus is on the cross and calls to John.

"John, John come here."

"Yes, my Lord I'm coming."

John tries to make his way up the hill to Jesus, but is pushed back down by the Roman guards. Jesus calls him again, so again John tries to get up the hill, but is repulsed once more by the guards, who threaten him with their swords. So John works his way to the other side and makes his way up to the back of the cross.

"Yes my Lord, I'm here."

"Is that you John?"

"Yes Lord, it is I."

"John, John I can see your house from here."

Anyway, hope you all have a happy and safe Easter, may all your eggs or bunnies be solid Lindt or better. Take care.
  posted at 9:59 am

At 2:07 pm, Blogger Reb said...

I use light Moscovado for things like chutney (http://cucinarebecca.blogspot.com/2006/03/peach-chutney.html) and fruit mince and fruit cake - maybe that was it?


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