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Sunday, June 25, 2006
For You
I know gentle readers sometimes I put you through a lot when all you want is something a little tasty. Please scuse this little indulgence.


Born from earth's deep bowel
oozed in amniotic lava
a gem crystallized, heat with pressure
of everyday life
Rough edges destined for demolishing
apprentice jewellers set to
slowly carefully, grinding polishing
revealing beauty of form
Held to the light
prism like
a sweet diaphanous rainbow explodes
cacophony of colours swirl and merge
in secret ways
witness to the flaw within
disturbed arrangement of tiny molecules
No tissue stems the tide
rainbow colours turn to blackest night
wondering which facet next
Mirror shine pierces the soul
illuminating dark places
Gazing at the sun leaves blindness
with crippling anguish
unable to see
the perfection lying in your hands
  posted at 3:30 pm

At 9:44 pm, Blogger pentacular said...

Well done tankedup. This is a very colourful example of modern poetry, with quite a bit of power i might add. I like how you relate nature to an 'apprentice' learning its craft. Relating the process of crystal formation to childbirth shows great insight, especially the fact that nature can get it wrong, even if in the end, we call the shots as to what is 'wrong' or 'right' just by our perceptions, ie: the last stanza. You use the idea of light well also,to evoke the imperfection and to indicate perception. This is a little gem in itself tankedup.

At 11:14 pm, Blogger Kitchen Queen said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing that with us. It's very tasty too!

At 7:14 am, Blogger neil said...

Hi pentacular, thanks so much for your kind words. I don't write poetry often enough to get it to flow like yours, so am extremely chuffed that you liked it. Great perception of yours to figure out what I was writing.

Hi kitchen queen, thanks, always a pleasure to share.

At 7:44 am, Blogger Gigi said...

Wonderful ~ you write poetry as well as having a gift for culinary artistry! It's interesting to me how creative people often use a number of different media as a means of creative expression. I think it speaks of unlimited potential.

At 11:21 am, Blogger neil said...

A sister of mine won a painting scholarship to the National Gallery of Victoria, my mum could sing like an angel, I got the food and the ability to rave on about it. Sometimes I wonder if I had the choice, which gift I would have chosen.

At 11:45 pm, Blogger Shell said...

"cacophony of colours swirl and merge in secret ways" ... oh wow i love that! Kinda sexy, eh? All that movement and secrecy that speaks of Natural intimacy ...

Native Americans would delight in the imperfection, which, as Gregory says is a matter of perception anyway. They say (man-made?) perfection is an affront to Creator, the only one capable of Perfection. Everything they make apparently MUST contain a deliberate flaw to make it "right" ... there is a beautiful acceptance in that.

This crystal is romanticised gorgeously (is that a word?)

I love the crystalline shape of the poem, the careful pauses and the isolation of engulfing words like "bewildered". That in particular is a mood that needs its space and you give it that.

The last four lines are an absolute Triumph! There is a thesis of stuff i could say on that but would you settle for BRILLIANT!?

i LOVE this poem!

At 7:47 am, Blogger neil said...

Hi shell, I would absolutely settle for brilliant, hope you don't mind if I blush a bit.

Embracing the flaw is a great concept, for without it mankind would wither and die.


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